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Fleet Management System

Fleet Managemement System

Fleet Management system is a complete vehical Management system by which anyone can operate, maintain the number of vehicles easily.

Who are the users?

Anyone who operates and maintains vehicles. For security and proper maintenance it is essential.

We are distinct in a way :

•Real time alert.

•Free replacements for the existing users

•Custom made reporting system

•Run by mobile applications, SMS, web base application

•Access Control Device

•Environment Management

•Oil Sensors and many more

Our Promise:

Our promise is to provide our user a easy, reliable, useful interface to control their vehicles with less cost, manpower.







Web base Administrative window:

– Control the whole fleet operations from administrative desk.

– Keep close eyes on every aspects of Fleet.

– Handle easily all Drivers issues like

– Salary, bonus, leave, attendance, roaster, responsibilities etc.

– Handle easily all fleet issues like

– Registration, fitness, insurance, maintenance (tire, battery, dent, paint), fuel etc.

– Handle other miscellaneous issue like case, accident, insurance claim, penalties, sale, auctions, requisitions, parking etc.

– Enjoy the administrative Birdseye view.

– Keep updated of every issue related to fleet.

– Easy roaster management and follow-up.

– Error free management.

– Less paperwork & less efforts