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Curier Management System



Courier service is a part of our life to move the things from here to there. Which enrich not only daily personal demand of moving things but also for the business moving things are the utmost necessity especially for the small and medium scale goods and product moving.

Private courier service are replace the former government owned postal service but the services need remain the same perhaps increase the demand day by day for the private sectors service competitions and availability. Business entities are grown are in a new scale of numbers day by day which will ultimate got dependent and users of the service in their daily business transportations. Now the charges are designed for affordable way to cover almost all levels of goods and service transportations. In addition to goods transportation operated currier service will come up with a unique service of money transfer facilities. Which is also faces a new technology improvised service e-wallet and mobile money transfer with the fastest, secure, and personalize way.

The growing e-commerce business makes the currier service more involved in the business and personal field of dependency.

The Way it operates:

  1. Parcel service
    1. Conditional
    2. Paid
    3. Home delivery
    4. Counter delivery
  2. Money Transfer – only in Counter service

Parcel Base:

  1. Weight – (Estimated)
  2. Size
  3. Bundle – (Range)
  4. Corporate

Document Base:

  1. Weight – (Range)
  2. Distance
  3. Corporate
  4. Delivery Time
    1. General
    2. Urgent

Price of services factors:

  1. Weight
  2. Size
  3. Distance
  4. Delivery time
    1. General
    2. Urgent

Currier Management web base application:

Unlike the international Currier Service our national private owned currier service are mostly run their operations by human & Paper dependent way. These causes

  • Loss of operations
  • Human dependency
  • Paper dependency
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Delivery efficiency
  • Delay of service operations
  • Lack of Central control
  • Lack of Accountability
  • System loss
  • Less profit margin
  • High cost of operations
  • Slow growth


Technology base automation is only the remedy of those mentioned drawbacks. From start to end operation will be covered with technology supported which benefited with

  • Less human dependency
  • Less paper dependency
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Reduce the loss of operations
  • Delivery efficiency increase
  • Speedy service operations
  • Fully Central controlled
  • Ensure Accountability
  • Reduce System loss
  • Enhance profit margin
  • Low cost of operations
  • High growth

How it will work:

  • A web base application
    • With difference login ID, Password and access (As per responsibility)
    • In build Accounting management system
  • A dedicated database server
    • Physical in customer premises
    • Cloud
  • A mobile Application – For customer to track
  • A fleet Management system – for tracking the transportation

(Step- 01)

Web base application on computer will have the designed field of forms to be filled by the currier service counter office booking staffs.



Corporate sample form: (Sender Details)

Type of Customer:

Name of customer:

Address of Customer:

Contact Number:

Email Address:

Description of Parcel:

Money Transfer






Delivery time

General service:

Urgent condition:



Home Delivery

Counter Delivery



Handle with care code:

Special Nature:

Receiver Details:

Name of customer:

Address of Customer:

Contact Number:

Email Address:

After filled up the form with necessary information generated a printable document with details with unique computer generated tracking number.

Which will helps both the currier authority and customer to track the document and parcel service journey.

(Step: 02)

After documentation documents and parcels are shorting and arranged for transport to shift in a professional manner.

  • Area wise
  • Mode wise
  • Nature wise

Fleets are ready for dispatch for designated destination

All fleets are manage and controlled by the

  • GPS (real time location tracking)
  • Weight Management sensors –Special device for weight Management
  • Access Control device –Special device for access Management

Mobile Application

  1. Mobile application will helps the customer to track the documents and parcel with the given unique computer generated tacking number which was given at the time of booking.
  2. Company can send the notification free.
  3. Have the customer database to design their services/charges if necessary.
  4. Customer can guided to nearest service point of the company.
  5. Customer can check the price and service details.
  6. Company can support the corporate and business customer in a more modern and efficient way.

Fleet Management System:

  1. Track the transport vehicles real time.
    1. Start
    2. Stop
    3. Stoppage
  2. Weight Sensor
    1. Right place to drop things
    2. Right amount of weight relies
  3. Access Control Device
    1. Right person to open the gate
    2. Right person to handle the parcel

More information

  1. Number of vehicles
  2. Driver details of the vehicles
  3. Staff details of the vehicles
  4. Service Route
  5. Reporting to
  6. Documentation (TAX, Fitness, permit)
  7. Fuel expenses
  8. Travel expenses (Toll, Food, others)
  9. Battery, Tires status
  10. Accident, lost, fire notification