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Asset & Property Management System

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Smart  way of asset  and property management

Everyone who has assets and properties specially more than one they all faces a bundle of work activities related to them. Buy, Maintenance, Rent, Lease, Sale etc and many more.

Buy and Sale might be done in a single time steps of actions but the maintenance is a huge activities. Specially who are engage in a property business. They need a number of people to handle the activities. And all we know how complex the activities are in this process.

The dependency  towards the person who dealt the property is might not be a permanent  or owner himself. So for after his leaving the entity the new people of that position found the things in a un-measureable condition to handle.

Course of Activities

As sample we discuss about Land Developer

A “X” named land developer company in a process of buying a land for development:

  • Has to check “Dolil”
    • Single owner
    • Multiple owner
  • Has to check “CS Khotian”
  • Has to check “ RS Khotian”
  • Has to check “Namjari”
  • Has to check “Khajna”
  • Has to check any “Claims/Dispute”
  • Has to check the “Dokhol/rights”

Information to be preserve:

Smart  way of asset  and property management

– Project Name 

– Porcha (image/Document)

– Area Name 

– Namjari (image/Document)

– Dist  – Dolil {Nokol/Mul) (image/Document)

– Thana 

– Owner/Owners (image/Document)

– Mouza  – Dispute/Claim (image/Document)

– Land office (Bhumi office) 

– Dokhol – Officer name ( Tag up) 

– Owarish (image/Document)

– Land area   – Bayna nama (image/Document)

– Dag No (no of plots) (image/Document) 

– Master  Plan (image/Document)

– RS Khotian (image/Document) 

– Registration

– CS Khotian (image/Document) 

– Development

– Lawyer & responsible employee 

– Income/Expenditure etc.

Course of Activities:

As sample we discuss about Land Developer


– Preserve to the authorized people only for the security reason. Which can be change anytime under agreement and from the proper channel.

– As it is based on web platform, the authorized people can access the required data from anywhere within the data connectivity. (own data server/cloud)

– Any new changes, addition can be easily updated.

– Less proper and storage dependency.

– No scope for data missing/stolen.  No particular employee/staff dependency.

Course of Activities:

As sample we discuss about Building Developer

– Project Name 

– Interior works (Image/Document)

– Area Name 

– Sale/Rent 

– Dist 

– Space calculation charge

– Thana 

– Income/Expenditure etc.

– Land Area 

– Tenant profile (Image/Document)

– Building Area 

– Buyer profile (Image/Document)

– Design Approval (image/Document)  

– Registration (Image/Document)

– Building Mode (Commercial/Residential) 

– Loan/installment

– Architectural work (image/Document)  

– Service charge

– Civil works (image/Document)  

– Security

– Electrical works (image/Document)  

– Maintenance

– Materials supply 

– Power/water/Gas