Houese: 99, Road: 10/2, Block: D, Niketon, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212


Who we are

INNOVENCY CORPORATION is a startup business with a group of technofric people. We are providing IT, Technology, Sollution possibly by innovations. We assure you to get efficiency by technology and innovations. We are working with AI, Roboics, software, hardware, SCADA technology to gain the maximum productivity by using smart innovation technology, automation.


IOT means Internet of Things, means the system, gadgets, machines run, monitor and controll by and over internet, It gives a remote access to the peripherals without in close touch with the switchces.

What we are doing?

We, INNOVENCY CORPORATION is a Technology and Innovation Company who are working with ultimate modern technology like AI, IOT, Robotics, SCADA along with the conventional Software and Hardware in our business scope. In our R&D lab matured with 40 engineers we are in a continuous scope hunter for automation and custom made solution for our clients. In this way of tech…
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